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Our expertise

We at BRETTSCHNEIDER have specialised in personal mosquito protection for many years. During this time innumerable globetrotters have benefited from our expertise. This has enabled them to enjoy their trip and concentrate on the purpose of their journey - getting to know different countries and the people who live in them and gain an understanding of the cultures involved - without being bothered by insect bites or risking mosquito-borne diseases. Providing protection during the night, our mosquito nets are notable for their quality and well-thought-out design. For protection during the day, we offer Jaico repellents and skincare products, which have won international prizes at the Eureka Fair Brussels, the Geneva Expo, and elsewhere.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Only the females bite, and they do so because they need blood for their eggs to develop. For this reason they are equipped with a proboscis and a complicated sensor system that enables them to home in on skin odour and carbon dioxide in the breath. Once prey has been in this way, mosquitoes locate blood vessels by sensing minute temperature differences on the surface of the skin.

Mosquito nets for a peaceful night´s sleep

Nets create a mosquito-free space around the body by forming a physical barrier, this ensuring a peaceful night´s sleep. All BRETTSCHNEIDER MOSQUITO NETS keep mosquitoes away reliably. In areas with a risk of mosquito-borne diseases, we strongly recommend using one of the completely closed nets from our HOLIDAY range - i.e. a net that you lift up to enter. Our SPECIAL FINE MESH nets provide protection from extremely small insects, such as sand flies, gnats and midges, and if you have concerns about winding up against the side of the net and getting bitten, we recommend using an impegnated net, such as one from our EXPEDITION range.

Anti-mosquito skin protection

We also offer a full range of anti-mosquito skin protection products to cater to differing needs: JAICO Natural, made of natural ingredients; JAICO Sensitive, a gentle DEET product, and ANTI-MOSQUITO-MILK with DEET for use in mosquito-rich areas and regions in which disease-bearing mosquitoes occur. The mosquito repellent and skin protection products by the Belgian specialist Jaico are the ideal complement to our mosquito nets, and provide excellent protection during all outdoor activities.

Carefree enjoyment out in the wild

Apart from objective criteria, health considerations and a concern for nature often play a role in selecting personal mosquito protection, making it very much a matter of personal choice.

We wish you carefree enjoyment out in the wild and peaceful nights with the help of our personal mosquito protection products.

Renate Brettschneider and the Brettschneider-Team.